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WCSD Expectation for Student Camera Usage

On October 23, 2020 the district outlined this expectation in their "Wappingers CSD Community Update" email.  It stated:

"Learning in an online environment comes with unique challenges and differing perspectives.  One of the conversations we have been having in our District regarding remote learning is the idea of mandating the use of cameras in our google classrooms.  From a classroom management perspective, we are going to ask that all students keep their cameras on at all times while in class (unless otherwise advised by the classroom teacher).  Exceptions are allowed, and if you feel your child should have an exception to this rule please contact your building principal to request one.  

It is important that students are able to show they are online during class time, and are present and paying attention to the lesson/class activities.  We are hearing that some students are logging into the class, then turning off their cameras.  In some instances teachers are reporting that students who do so are not paying attention to the lesson, or are walking away from the computer altogether.  It makes it very difficult for us to not only monitor student behavior but their academic progress as well if we can’t see them.

"While this communication above was sent by the District over a week ago, we at RCK will begin enforcement effective Wednesday, November 4, 2020. Students who choose not to turn their camera on during live instruction, with the camera clearly pointing to their face, will be marked as absent from the class period since their physical presence will not be able to be confirmed. Failure to comply with this will also be subject to the consequences for insubordination in the Code of Conduct. Teachers have expressed that students with their camera turned on during remote learning have been more involved, accountable, and active participants.

As always, I thank you for your cooperation and support in helping us make this year a successful one for all students! If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact my office.

Dave Seipp