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National Junior Honor Society

National Junior Honor Society


Wappingers Junior High School is a charter member of the National Junior Honor Society. In order to be inducted, students must meet the following criteria:

Eighth grade students must achieve at least a 90.000% average in the seventh grade year and a 90.000% average in the first two quarters of the eighth grade year, without rounding.


As academics are only one part of the total person, a faculty council is also asked to evaluate candidates on the other characteristics for membership. These characteristics are as follows:


    Character: Candidates are patient and honest in their dealings with others. Their thinking is independent but not stubborn. They participate in class activities and are willing to listen to the ideas of others.

    Leadership: Candidates willingly volunteer to participate in class projects and outside activities. They are willing to lead others with reasonable maturity and understanding without being overbearing.

    Citizenship: Candidates accept responsibilities and privileges intelligently and maturely. They respect the rules of the school and the rights of their fellow students. Fellow students and faculty members generally hold them in high regard.

    Service: Candidates are unselfish and willing to help others.


Students who have achieved the initial grade point average are encouraged to submit an essay outlining their qualifications to the faculty advisors. The

Faculty Council reviews the essays along with the Faculty character rating sheets for potential membership. Individual teacher ratings are confidential and will not be shared with parents. Unless a technical error has been made, the Faculty Council’s decision is final.


The induction ceremony is held each spring. For further information, contact the guidance office or Mrs. Budd.