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Video Game Design & Tournament - for Students in Grades 3-8

Do you have a child that loves video games? Do they want to create their own? They can learn how in this camp! Using the online MIT Scratch program, campers will learn the basics of creating graphics, code, and some game elements. The camp will teach coding basics such as logic, operators, and variables. Older campers will have the opportunity to do more advanced techniques. Students will have access to step-by-step instructions and will have people to assist them. Time will also be allocated for students to get up and move around as well. Don't miss this fun learning opportunity! Space is limited. Register early to avoid being closed out. The camp is being run by RCK business/computer teacher Ron Remick, and his staff. Campers should bring a lunch, snack & a drink. Pizza and water will be available for purchase each day.

Pokemon - Learn, Trade & Compete - for Students in Grades 2-8

All things Pokemon! Campers can trade with each other, learn how to play, compete in tournaments and exchange Pokemon Go! trainer information. Campers can learn to play or compete against other trainers and in tournaments! Each student who attends either the 2 or 3-day camp will get a FREE Pokemon pack! Prizes for tournament winners! Campers should bring their Pokemon cards. Space is limited. Register early to avoid being closed out. The camp is being run by experienced RCK instructor Ron Remick and staff.