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WCSD Retirement Celebration Video

While we are unable to acknowledge the years of service and dedication our retirees have given our District due to the pandemic, we would like to honor them with this video celebration until we can hold our ceremony in person.

From Our Community Members

To the 2020 Retirees of WCSD,

The community has not forgotten you and your years of dedication to the students, families, and the WCSD community at large. Like the High School students transition we did not want you to leave feeling that your life change is any less important because it took place in unprecedented times. Which is why I (copied above) and others had these gifts made and placed at the district office for you to pick up. Attached is the video of all employees that had their retirement approved by the BOE at the time of this project"s undertaking.

Surely there are so many people that have done so much to make your retirement special but a thank you to Dr. Bonk, Kristen Crandall, and Sharon McDonough for their time and diligence with the list and their support. Another huge thank you to both Jessica Turner, and Michelle Costabile for assisting putting them up on a very hot Thursday afternoon.

The big thank you right now though goes to all of you for your dedicated years of service to the families of WCSD. May your retirement bring you as much joy and fulfillment as your career did.
The signs were created by AV Vinyl and Designs and organized by Allison Conti.