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Advocacy Group is Addressing Polling Site Issue

The Lower Hudson Education Coalition recently released the information below to area school Superintendents and Board Members in hopes of garnering further public support in promoting a change in the laws governing the use of schools as polling places.

Dear Superintendents and Board Members,
As the legislative session reaches its annual year-end crescendo, the Lower Hudson Education Coalition (LHEC) Steering Committee urges you to make your voice heard TODAY on the issues that are especially important to your school district, our region, the concept of local control/decision-making authority.
Schools as Polling Places The LHEC has drafted a VoterVoice e-letter on the issue of Schools as Polling Places. As many of you already know, schools are the ONLY public venues that do not have the right to refuse designation as a polling place. Given the current emphasis on school safety, we ask that you take a few minutes to ensure your legislators know that this is a priority issue for you that needs to be resolved through legislation now. Phone calls to your legislators are also encouraged- it only takes a minute to share your thoughts.
Parents can identify with this issue. Share this link to our e-letter writing campaign with your school community, as there is broad support for this common sense, school safety issue.   Albany Phone Numbers:

  • State Assembly: 518-455-4100 (ask to be connected to your Assemblymember)
  • State Senate: 518-455-2800 (ask to be connected to your Senator)
VoterVoice Link

The LHEC Steering Committee

  • Kelly Lappan, DCSBA, Executive Director (Chairperson)
  • Ileana Eckert, North Rockland CSD, Superintendent
  • Mary Fox-Alter, Pleasantville UFSD, Superintendent
  • Rita Golden, Mt. Pleasant Cottage UFSD, Board of Education
  • Leeann Irvin, RCSBA, Executive Director
  • Ray Sanchez, Ossining UFSD, Superintendent
  • Frank Schnecker, Ossining UFSD, Board of Education
  • Victoria Tipp, Chappaqua CSD, Board of Education
  • Mark Villanti, Spackenkill UFSD, Superintendent

 For more information, click here.