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Wappingers Jr. High School Local Assistance Plan

A Message to Parents, the Local Board of Education, and Community Members:

Wappingers Jr. HS has been identified as a Local Assistance Plan School for the 2016-17 school year.  The identification was based upon the academic performance of either all students or particular groups of students on state assessments during the 2014-15 school year.  Local Assistance Plan Schools are required to conduct a Self-Reflection on the educational program, leadership, and instructional practices. The Self-Reflection provides school-based teams with the opportunity to reflect on the practices that exist within the school in preparation for identifying the appropriate next steps for their school.   The results of this self-reflection have been reviewed by the school and the District and have been used to create this plan to improve student academic performance.  If you have any questions regarding the identification of the school as LAP or the plan within the attachment below, please contact the building principal of Wappingers Jr. HS, Mr. Terrence Thompson.

Please note that the district has been identified as needing a LAP plan for the reasons specified in the PDF below.  The district did attempt to appeal these findings to NYSED (our appeal was denied), and the reasons for the appeal for each separate category is also listed in the attached PDF below.