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    Mr. Glancey




     All instruction and assignments will be posted on the Google Classroom.


    Open House Night Thursday 9/24

    Please click here for a welcome video.  The video is similar to the content that will be presented in the open house.  I encourage you to watch it first.  I look forward to seeing you in our google meet.  Please login to your child's google account and proceed to our Classroom.  There will be a meet link in the upper left hand side of the screen.



     Welcome to Honors Earth Science in Mr. Glancey's classs.  If you have any questions or were absent from class, please feel free to e-mail me at 



    Google Classroom Codes:

    Per. 2:  qd2pma3


    Per. 6: zsaulkr


    Per. 8:  simai5j




    If you click on my "Google site link" below you can have access to any of the worksheets, labs and notes that we do for each unit... more to follow...


     Link to:Google Site


    About Earth Science


    This year we will be learning about how the Earth was formed and some of the processes that continually re-shape Earth's surface. We 'll learn how to describe and predict changes in the weather and how climate patterns are established.

    We will also learn some of the major topics in Astronomy.  Students are preparing for the NYS Earth science regents exam held in June.


    Please note ALL grades are posted on Parent Portal


    A link to the course syllabus and outline can be found on my documents page.


    You can find a link to the District Calendar under my Links page