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    Grade:  9- 12
    Email: brette.higgins@wcsdny.org
     Hello! Welcome to art. Throughout the year we will be learning about a variety of artists and movements. We will also be  exploring a variety of contemporary and design issues. Throughout the year, students will explore a variety of medias, identify and develop visual learning capacities while creating art! All projects will facilitate the "Elements and Principals of Art" and also be discussed through assignments, critiques, and class discussions.  I look forward to a great year with all students!
    Classroom rules and expectations:
    Enter at a level "0" and go to assigned seats.... arrive on time!
    No cell phones or ear buds in class. 
    Come prepared to work and ready to participate!
    Be respectful to others and their artwork.
    Treat the room respect, clean up your area and put away all supplies at the end of class. 
    Use appropriate language at all times.
    Be respectful and responsible artists, always strive to do your best! 
    Failure to abide by these rules result in disciplinary action. 
    Classroom textbook: Provided by teacher:
    Taschen Series 
    Projects are graded on a point scale as follows:
    1. Design and Composition
    2.Craftmanship ( pertains to neatness and the proper use of supplies)
    3.Performance ( pertains to time efficiency and behavior)
    4. Class Participation