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    Roy C. Ketcham High school parking lot - completed last summer under the 2016 - $26 Million Dollar Project. 

    john jay parking lot

    John Jay High school parking lot - completed last summer under
    the 2016 - $26 Million Dollar Project. 

    Investing in Education: Update on Key Projects

         The WCSD has been working diligently to maintain and improve our buildings and grounds through Capital Projects approved by the voters and available NYS funding.  The majority of the 2016 Capital Project, a $26 million improvement project, has been completed.  Minor finishing work should be complete by June.

         This summer, the contractor will be replacing sidewalks at Evans, Gayhead, Kinry Road, and Vassar Road Elementary Schools.  Hudson Valley Audio/Visual and RLJ Electric are finalizing the details on the installation of audio/visual equipment at Roy C. Ketcham and John Jay High Schools.  Over the spring recess, the John Jay recording room was completed.  The contractor has evaluated the space and is finalizing the stage rigging and lighting plans for both high schools.

         The $33 million 2018 Capital Project addresses roofs, windows, and HVAC needs. The window portion has been designed and the bid has been awarded to AFI Architectural Metal and Glass of Poughkeepsie. Window work will begin this summer at Brinckerhoff and Sheafe Road.  It will continue at Gayhead through the school year.  Completion is anticipated for August 2020.  

         The roof replacement project contract for Fishkill Plains Elementary School was awarded to General Roofing Contractors of Queensbury.  Materials for this project have been placed on site at Fishkill Plains Elementary School; work will begin in June after school ends and is expected to be complete in August 2019.
         The HVAC project is in the design phase, with the expectation that it will be submitted to NYSED for review in September 2019. Construction will be done during the summers of 2020 and 2021.

    Click here to view a Timeline Report on the $33 Million 2018 Capital Project.

         The vestibule project, designed to improve security at the entries at all schools was approved by the NYSED Smart School Bond Act office on December 3, 2018. The project was bid in January and construction is scheduled for the summer.  Barone Construction was awarded the contract for the interior of the vestibules and PVS Contracting was awarded the bid for the exterior of the vestibules.  RLJ Electric won the electric work bid.  Work on this project will began during spring break, including floor tile removal at Fishkill Plains and ceiling tile work at John Jay High School.  Ceiling framing was completed at six schools and new vestibule entry steps were constructed at RCK.  Asbestos removal was completed at John Jay's entrance, the Fishkill Plains lobby and the Fishkill Elementary roof. The majority of the work will be done this summer.

    Click here to see a summary list of projects from 2013-2018.