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    Investing in Education: Update on Key Projects

         The WCSD has been working diligently to maintain and improve our buildings and grounds through Capital Projects approved by the voters and available NYS funding.
    Phase 1 of the 2016 Capital Project has been completed. Some of the installed sidewalks will be redone next summer to correct some deficiencies at the cost of the contractor. All of the work scheduled for last summer (2018) under Phase 2, has been completed and pre-construction planning has begun for Summer 2019. The wheelchair lift installation at WJHS is nearly complete. Acoustic panel installations were completed at RCK music room and band room during the December 2018 break.  Acoustic panel installations will be done at John Jay in January on the second shift.
         The $33 million 2018 Capital Project addresses roofs, windows, and HVAC needs. The roof/window portion has been designed and is under review by the NYSED. It is expected to be approved for bid in about two months, end of January/beginning of February. The HVAC project is in the design phase, with the expectation that it will be submitted to NYSED for review in May 2019. Construction will be done during the summers of 2020 and 2021.
         The vestibule project, designed to improve security at the entries at all schools was approved by the NYSED Smart School Bond Act office on December 3, 2018. The project will be bid in January and construction is scheduled for the summer.

    Click here to see a summary list of projects from 2013-2018.