• Dear Parents and Guardians of Brinckerhoff Students,

    Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with our helpful hints in order to foster a positive home to school partnership and achieve excellence in the classroom.

    • Do you get your child to school and on time?
    • Do you encourage readiness for school, ie, Proper rest, Proper attire, Proper behavior
    • Do you support the efforts of your school by your involvement?
    • Do you communicate regularly with the teachers and the school?
    • Do you help with your child’s homework?
    • Are you sure the homework gets done?
    • Do you encourage your child to read?
    • Do you know the names of your child’s teachers?
    • Do you know your child’s favorite teacher and why? 
    • Do you know which bus your child rides?
    Ursula Platz,