Goals for this year:


    A. To further develop thinking skills.

    B. To further develop independent work and study skills.

    C. To encourage students to achieve their fullest potential.

    D. To further develop responsibility.


    We believe that your child deserves the most positive and safe educational climate possible for his/her growth, and we know that together we will make the difference in this process. The plan below outlines the classroom rules for room 206.


     Classroom Rules for 206:

    1. We follow directions the first time they are given.

    2. We are prepared and in our seats when the bell rings.

    3. We speak and act respectfully at all times.

    (NO name calling, teasing or cursing)

    4. We keep all hands, feet and objects to ourselves.

    (NO throwing, or putting hands/feet on other people)

    5. We follow all SCHOOL RULES as outlined in the Code of Conduct. (This includes gum chewing)

    6. We respect other people’s property.

    (RULE: If it is NOT yours, DON’T TOUCH IT)