• Welcome to Team 7E

    We are very excited about the year ahead, and hope that you are too.  Please check the website daily for homework assignments in math, social studies, ELA, and science.
    Homework Policy:
    - Expect written homework frequently.  Homework reinforces new concepts and strengthens previously learned skills.  Homework is the time to practice!
    - Homework is to be done on loose-leaf paper with the student's name, date, assignment name and page number as a heading.
    - Answers only are unacceptable.  All work must be shown for each assignment (including complete sentences for written assignments).
    - Frequently, homework will be collected and graded.  Please check the website under assignments.
    Grading Policy: 
    Classwork ..... 50%
    Homework ..... 10%
    Tests / Quizzes / Projects ..... 40% 
    Classroom Expectations: 
    Students are expected to come to class physically and mentally prepared to work.  This includes arriving on time with the necessary materials out and ready to begin by the second bell.