Welcome to Team "W"
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     ** Parents of incoming 6th graders:
    Check your email. We will be sending you information to the email you have on file with the school some time on Thurs 9/3. If you think we don't have an updated email, please call Mrs. Gleason (227-1770) and send me an email to let me know so I have your current/best email.


    We will be sending a link for a Google Meet (Tues. 9/8 at 7pm) where we can explain our remote schedule, plans, and answer any possible questions you may have before school starts.
    **In addition to emails, you may also get notifications on Remind. Please join:
    Team W Remind App.Com Code: 8kcbk2


    Just a bit of information for the 2020-21 school year...
    This coming year, each child will have 2 blocks: One block for Math and SS/Sci with Mrs. Sheahan & Mrs. D'Anna, and one block for Reading and Writing with Mrs. Horton. Be sure to look at the updated Supply List as we've pared it way down for the remote schedule and listed other supplies needed for when we transition to the hybrid model. 
     **Please have your children check their school email and join the Google classrooms for both Mrs. Sheahan- for Math & SS/Sci and Mrs Horton for ELA.
    • Student E-mail: firstname.lastname@k12.wcsdny.org
    • Password: FirstnameID# (Capitalize the first letter of 1st name)
    Be sure to look at the "Refrigerator Copy...parent tips" page for more sixth grade information.
    *If you have any general questions, feel free to email me at Kelly.Sheahan@wcsdny.org
     This is such a difficult time for school. We need to work together for this to be successful. It's very easy to be negative about what we're going through right now. Everyone seems angry. We can complain every day. Let's not. I want to make the best of this situation, and make it work. If something is not going well for you, let's work as a team towards a solution in a positive, creative way. It is my goal to make this a great experience. Welcome to 6th grade!
    Fishkill Plains Elementary School
    Name: Kelly Sheahan
    Subject: Grade 6 Math
     Room: 3 
    Email: kelly.sheahan@wcsdny.org   (this is the best way to get in touch with me)           
     School Phone Number: (845)227-1770    (Do not leave a voice mail)