Welcome to 6th Grade!
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     ** Parents of incoming 6th graders:
    Check your email. We send information regularly to the email you have on file at school. If you think we don't have an updated email, please call the school to have them edit your info (227-1770) and send me an email to let me know so I have your current/best email.


    **In addition to emails, you may also get notifications on Remind. Please join:


    Just a bit of information for the 2021-22 school year...
    This coming year, each child will have 3 blocks: One block for Math with Mrs. Sheahan, one block for SS/Sci with Mrs. Humphreys and one block for Reading and Writing with Mrs. Horton. Be sure to look at the updated Supply List for this coming school year. Bring a healthy snack (no candy) and a refillable water bottle to school each day. 
     Check out the "Refrigerator Copy...parent tips" page for more sixth grade information.
    *If you have any general questions, feel free to email me at Kelly.Sheahan@wcsdny.org
    Fishkill Plains Elementary School
    Name: Kelly Sheahan
    Subject: Grade 6 Math
     Room: 3 
    Email: kelly.sheahan@wcsdny.org   (this is the best way to get in touch with me)           
     School Phone Number: (845)227-1770    (Do not leave a voice mail)