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    Welcome to Mrs. Kreso's 7th Grade Science: I am so excited to get to know you and teach you about the best subject of all...SCIENCE!! We will be doing virtual labs and much more!
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    7 R: (periods 1,2,5,6):
    HONORS: (period 4):
    7 Science - Email:  gina.kreso@wcsdny.org
    Phone:  (845) 227-1700 
    7 R & 7 H Syllabi can be found on the tabs to the left hand side.
    1 -       222
    2-        222
    3 -       prep
    4 -       222
    5 -       222
    6-        222
    7 -       Lunch
    8 -       222 - study hall 
    9 -     Team prep
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    People say that it is the intellect which makes a great scientist.
                                                       They are wrong: it is character. Albert Einstein
    .......  Biology is one of the three essential studies of science. In classrooms all around the world people study biology, chemistry, and/or physics. Chemistry, of course, looks at the different kinds of substances and molecules that exist, and physics looks at the way the world and the universe work. Biology is the fascinating study of life and is incredibly important for the advancement of modern society.
    Why Study BIOLOGY???
    If it were not for biology, we would not be able to understand the environment in which we live. Biology involves and contains many secrets of nature. Biology is incredibly complex and vast and possesses the ability to explain many myths and problems found within nature every day by individuals and scientists. It allows us to build upon the technology that allows people to be cured from illnesses or diseases and allows for society to obtain better
    overall well-being and health.
         STEM... Never stop asking questions and seeking answers!