• Name: Kimberly Bell   
    Grade: Elementary Physical Education/Adaptive Physical Education
    Email: kimberly.bell@wcsdny.org
    Physical Education Fitness Journal  will be used in case WSCD goes to on line learning. In addition to the journal, below are links to be used as an alternative to one of the activities in the Activity Log page (See Physical Education Fitness Journal by clicking on link).


    Yoga for Kids 

    Grades 3rd-4th 


    Grades 5th-6th



    Cardio Kids 

    Grades 3rd-5th  



    Kids Bop Dance Along

    Grades 3rd-5th


    To access Yoga for Kids, Cardio Kids & Kids Bop Dance Along:

    • Highlight link
    • Copy link (press ctrl button and C at the same time)
    • Go to Google or Internet Explorer
    • Click in search bar
    • Paste link (press ctrl button and V at the same time)
    • Press enter