• Welcome to Orchestra!

    If you are returning to orchestra as a 6th grade student, I look forward to seeing you on September 13th. We will be starting with Essential Elements Book 1 but will move to Book 2 by the 2nd quarter, so please purchase the Book 2 in the next few months.

    If you are a new 5th grade student, our first lesson is Tuesday, September 18th. If you have not ordered an instrument, please do so asap. I will be handing out a lesson schedule at the first lesson for you to take home. 

    Please email me if you have any questions about Orchestra.


    Ms. Jovialis Gricius



  • Welcome to Sheafe Rd Elementary Orchestra

    5th Grade First Informance
    Date: Thursday, January 24, 2019
    Time: 6:30 P.M. (arrive at 6:00 P.M. to tune)
    Location: Sheafe Rd Elementary School
    Dress: All-Black or Dark bottoms &
    White/Light top is preferred but not required.


    Spring Pyramid Concert

    for 6th Grade Orchestra

    May 22nd, 2019
    Time: 7:00 P.M.
    (arrive between 5:20 to rehearse with other schools)
    Parents can drop off Students at Main Lobby,
    students can enter the auditiorium.
    Location: Roy C Ketcham High School
    Dress: All Black or White Top w/Black Bottoms. No shorts or mini skirts. 

    Parent Information: A Guide to Aid in the Success of Your Child’s Musical Experience

    A Letter from the Director

    Jovialis Gricius  

    Orchestra Director   -  Jovialis.Gricius@wcsdny.org
    Kinry Road Elementary School (845) 463-7322
    Oak Grove Elementary School (845) 298-5280
    Sheafe Rd Elementary School (845) 298-5290 

    Materials and Supplies

    All 5th Grade orchestra students need the book, “Essential Elements 2000” book 1.  If you rented your child’s instrument, this book came with your child’s rental.  If not, you will need to purchase this book.
    Each instrument has its own needs. They are listed below and I included a link to purchase them online if you desire:


    Shoulder Rest  
    Essential Elements Book 1 for Violin 


    Shoulder Rest
    Essential Elements Book 1 for Viola 


    Cello Anchor or Rock Stop
    Essential Elements Book 1 for Cello 


    Rock Stop 
    Essential Elements Book 1 for Bass


     All String Instruments will need:

    • Rosin
    • Folding Music Stand – I also ask that you please purchase a music stand. That helps promote proper posture when playing. The music stand will stay at home for students to use during practice.
    • Strings – If your child’s string breaks, please purchase a replacement string and I will put the string on your child’s instrument at the next string lesson.

    There are local dealers of these supplies:

    Amadeus Strings                    486-7617

    Paul Effman                           452-8528

    D&M Music (John Keal)            635-1120

    Joseph Regh Violins                 297-2521


    Additionally here are some online dealers with whom I have dealt personally that have shown to offer reliable instruments and materials:
    Shar Music                  www.sharmusic.com
    Southwest Strings       www.swstrings.com

    Orchestra/String Lessons
    Each orchestra student will be assigned a 30 minute small group lesson time during the six-day cycle. These lessons occur on a pull-out schedule. Classroom teachers will have a schedule of string lessons, and students will be excused from class to attend their lesson. During lessons, your student will learn specifics about playing his/her instrument that cannot be taught during the full orchestra rehearsal. Therefore, small group lessons not only contribute greatly to the individual's musical achievement but to the entire ensemble's as well.

    Orchestra Class/Rehearsal
    Every Fifth Grade Band student will have orchestra class/rehearsal for 40 minutes once or twice in the 6 day cycle.  Students who are not in orchestra will remain in their regular classroom during this time.

    Securing an Instrument For Your Child
    Your decision to provide your child with a quality musical instrument is an investment in your child's future. In making it possible for your child to play a musical instrument, you are providing the opportunity for self-expression, creativity and achievement.  Numerous studies indicate parental attitude, support and involvement are important factors in a child's ability to successfully learn to play and to enjoy music.

    Please take this opportunity to secure an instrument for your child for the fall.  If you use one of the local vendors, you should complete one of their contracts and send it to them by early July.  That will insure delivery to the school by early September so that your child will not miss having an instrument on that all important first lesson.  Please be sure that your rental includes the book we will be using in 5th Grade.

    Please proceed with caution if you are buying an instrument on the internet.  There are many instruments advertised on the internet that have enticing low prices.  Very often, these instruments are of low quality.  I have had instrument repair technicians actually refuse to work on some of these because the cost of repair would be greater then the actual worth of the instrument. Please if you have a question about an instrument make or model, do not hesitate to ask!

    Instrument Transport & Storage
    Students are always allowed to bring small instruments to and from school on the bus.  Each student is expected to bring his/her instrument home at the end of each school day, over weekends, and before long vacation breaks or absences. This will allow them the opportunity to practice and develop their musical skills. Please remind your children to take their instrument home so there are no damages resulting from instruments left at school. Larger string instruments, such as the cello and double bass are not allowed on the bus. These larger instruments may require you to drop them off before school and pick them up after school.

    Curriculum will focus on learning proper fundamentals for performing on an instrument both physically and technically. Students will learn a solid foundation of performance fundamentals including tone production, rhythm, blend, balance, intonation, dynamics, articulation, musicianship, rehearsal behavior, and practicing. Here is the guidelines of the NYSSMA Curriculum that I reference to build the Kinry Rd Orchestra Curriculum. 

    Home Practice Support
    Every good musician must practice his or her instrument regularly. Each week, your child will receive a practice sheet where their assignment will be recorded and the student is to write down their practice times each day.  At the next week’s lesson I will collect the completed practice sheet, make comments and an assessment, and hand the sheet back to your child at the end of the lesson.  Take a look at your student’s practice habits. Do they have a regular routine? They should be coming to you asking for your initials as verification of the total time they practiced each week. Some students naturally make time for practicing. Others may need to have a parent help schedule their time.

    Please check the website for your grade level in the left menu. That will include up to date assignments. 




    Do you want a Tuner to hel[p you tune at home? I would suggest these tuners: 

    Snark Tuners
    Korg Tuners


    Ms. Jovialis Gricius
    5th and 6th Grade Strings & Orchestra
    Email: jovialis.gricius@WCSDNY.org 
    Kinry:           463-7322
    Oak Grove:   298-5280
    Sheafe          298-5290