• Name:  Mrs. Danielle Salvestrini
    Grade: Art, Grades K-6
    Email: danielle.salvestrini@wcsdny.org
    Phone: 845-298-5290

    Mrs. Salvestrini's YouTube Channel

    Welcome to the Sheafe Road Art Webpage!   
    K-6 students attend art for 40 minutes, twice in the 6-day cycle.  During this time, we explore many different materials, artistic styles, artists, and cultures.  Art vocabulary is integrated with common core language, as students work on various projects and activities.   Throughout the school year, student work is displayed in our hallways and cafeteria.  In May, we participate in the WCSD Festival of the Arts, held annually in the village, at Mesier Park.
    To reinforce art skills, concepts, and ideas at home, suggested websites are posted under the "Art Links" page.  Many of the sites have fun games and activities for all ages!
    All art lessons follow the NYS Standards for the Arts and WCSD Curriculum Performance Outcomes.