•  Dear 3 rd Grade Student and Familily,

    Welcome to Third Grade! I am so excited to be your teacher for the upcoming school year! Below you will find a list of supplies you will need for the first day of school.

    Supply List

    ❏ 2 marble composition notebooks (no spiral edges)

    ❏ 2 pocket folders: 1 yellow & 1 blue (bottom pocket and plastic lasts the whole year!)

    ❏ 36 sharpened pencils

    ❏ 3 large pink erasers

    ❏ 3 large glue sticks

    ❏ 5 or more black Expo fine point dry erase markers

    ❏ 1 old sock or eraser for dry erase boards

    ❏ 2 boxes of crayons (16 or 24 count)

    ❏ 1 pair of scissors

    ❏ 1 supply box with lid - standard size

    ❏ 1 pair of inexpensive earbuds or over ear headphones

    ❏ 1 large box of tissues

    *A healthy snack and water bottle should be brought to school every day!

    **Please do not bring in toys, electronics, trading cards, or other school supplies not on the list! Have a wonderful summer! I look forward to seeing you in September! ☺