• Name: John deHaan

    Subjects: 7th and 8th Grade Self-Contained-English Language Arts 

     Contact me via Email: john.dehaan@wcsdny.org

    Contact me via phone: (845) 298-5200


    In response to the current Corona Virus situation in our area, I'm providing classwork to be completed at home with written instructions, websites, and an email address to make the classroom-to-home experience as simple as possible for all to process successfully. All of the work assignments can be found on Google Classroom. For 7th graders, they are required to write 4 essays throughout the school year. Essentially, it's 1 required essay per quarter. The completed stories are turned in via Google Classroom to me. The writing process is self-paced with a step-by-step process monitored by me. The short story can be found on a PDF to be read, or if you prefer the audio version. Use YouTube to listen to each chapter.

    For 8th graders, the writing piece of the class is the same requirements as the 7th graders. The novel being read is a short story.iReady reading should be done for 30 minutes at least once a week as we've initiated throughout each school year. Students are welcome to do it more than once if possible. Students are aware of how to log on and proceed from the past classroom experience.

    I will provide recorded lessons as guidance to concepts being taught and to accommodate unconventional schedules at some family's homes.

    Dear Students, Parents, and Guardians,

    I hope that all is going as well as possible in your lives as we continue to persevere through the current pandemic. This is a new experience(Continuity of Learning) in education for myself and the school community. I want to provide you with information that will help simplify the classroom-to-home process. We're going to display patience and flexibility as the lessons I have posted officially begin on Thursday, September 10th. The written work will begin the following week. As you're aware, the pacing of the assignments for completion is individualistic for each student. Initially,42 minutes per day to progress and eventually complete an assignment is sufficient.

    My office hours are 1 to 2 pm Monday through Friday via email(john.dehaan@wcsdny.org). If these hours aren't applicable to your day,you can email later in the day and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. The assignments are on Google Classroom. the students are aware of how to log in. The code is iouobv2.

    Schedule Times at WJHS-students will log into each period

    Period 1-8:05 to 8:30***Period 2-8:35 to 9:00***Period 3- 9:05 to 9:30***Period 4-9:35 to 10:00

    Period 5-10:05 to 10:30***Period 6-10:35 to 11:00***Period 7-11:05 to 11:30***Period 8-11:35 to 12:00

    Period 9-12:05 to 12:30

    Teacher Lunch Period-12:30 to 1:15

    12:30 to 2:25-Students work on asynchronous learning opportunities,as assigned,to complete independent practice work.

    May also meet with teachers in small groups or individually to answer/discuss any questions related to academia,clarify concerns or situations that occur.

    Stay safe,

    John deHaan






    Thank you,

    John deHaan



    I have taught in special education classrooms for 34years. I taught in Rhinebeck for 8 years in a residential setting. I taught at Wappingers Junior High School for 13 years and Myers Corners Elementary School the past 12 years. . I'm also a veteran of the U.S. Navy(1976-1980) where I taught English in the Phillipines my last 6 months of service. I am a graduate of Nassau Community College where I received my associate's degree, Molloy College for my bachelor's degree and SUNY New Paltz for my master's degree in special education.

    I'm looking forward to a successful school year!