• Dear Parents and Students,

    We are going to begin our learning adventure together with remote learning and then we will (hopefully) transition to a hybrid model. I have developed the supply list and have kept it as minimal as I could. I have also included some suggestions for setting up a workspace at home. 

    At Home

    It is very important that your child have a quiet area with few distractions so that they are able to concentrate on their work and can participate in lessons/meets without interruptions. An ideal workspace would be a desk or table in a quiet room. If that is not possible, look around your home for areas where you can limit disruptions. Have your child design and  set up the workspace so that they will have ownership of it and will be motivated to work there.

    Please have your child organize their supplies/books/notebooks at their workspace so that everything is easily accessible for them. Please remember that the students in the hybrid model will be bringing their supplies back and forth to the classroom so it will be beneficial for them to keep their supplies organized at their home workspace.

    Working at home can be stressful and it may be hard for your child to concentrate.Some children can concentrate and focus better if they have a fidget to keep their hands busy, and/or soothing background noise (not television). A fidget is not a toy but a tool so please make sure your child’s fidget is not distracting but helping. If you are helping your child with work, you may also need a stress ball/fidget in hand.

    If your child is unable to sit for a long time, please let them stand or use an exercise ball when they are working. 
    Movement breaks are very important. Your child should get up and engage in physical activity after working for 35-40 minutes. Have them go outside if possible or use go noodle (it’s free) for brain breaks.


    Healthy snacks and water breaks are important also.

    List of Supplies

    Supply box containing 6 sharpened pencils, pink eraser, 1 glue sticks, 2 dry erase markers, small box of crayons, 1 highlighter, scissors.

    *Please check your child’s supply box and restock as needed.

    Small dry erase board

    Marble notebooks- labeled





    Folders (2 pockets)- labeled


    Science/Social Studies


    Communication: notes/papers home (only needed for when we are


    Reusable water bottle and snack (only needed for hybrid)

    Please note that when we go to the hybrid model your child will be bringing these supplies back and forth to school.

    If you have any questions or concerns, please email me at laura.dodge@wcsdny.org

    Thank you for all of your support during this challenging learning experience.