• 2017-18
    WCSD Transportation Phone Number

    Dear Parents/Guardians,


    Please be advised that The Fishkill Plains' Safety Committee has revised our safety procedures for daily dismissal.  In an effort to address security issues, new procedures are being put into effect immediately.  The main purpose for these changes is to insure the safety of our students as well as to guard against unwelcome visitors to the building.


    The revised dismissal procedures are as follows:


    • At 3:05 p.m. students who have brought in notes will be called to the gym to meet with their parent/guardian/ or designated person


    The parent/guardian/designated person is required to show photo identification (driver’s license) in order to pick up a student.  After identification has been approved by a Fishkill Plains faculty/staff member, parents/ guardians/designated person will sign the sign out sheet provided.  Similar to a “boarding pass” at the airport, a color-coded laminated square will be given to the adult and will be presented to the guard at the door in order to leaving the school with the student.  


    We thank you for your continued cooperation in trying our best to keep our school safer!





    Eric T. Seipp