Dear Parents and Guardians,
    Due to the restrictions set forth by the state and county, the school district has
    made the decision to offer continued learning via distance learning. This is an
    unparalleled event and it is a learning process for everyone involved; one that requires a
    lot of patience by us all. We will get through this together through cooperation and
    That being said, I am going to proceed at a slow, but steady, pace as we navigate
    this unchartered territory together. If you have not done so, please accept my invite to
    my google classroom. The class code is: la2lm7y. If you have difficulty getting in, please
    email me at brian.hatfield@wcsdny.org and I will give you specific instructions on how
    to do so. This needs to be done by Friday, April 3, as that is when new assignments will
    be posted.
    I will be offering “office hours” for students and/or parents to ask any questions
    they may have. I have not determined what that time will be, but I will have it by
    Tuesday, April 7. In the meantime, please have your child continue to read and practice
    their math facts. I hope to see everyone soon. Take care and be safe.


    Mr. Hatfield 


    Here is the link to my google classroom:https://classroom.google.com/c/NTMzMTM0NjgzNDBa