•                       You make me happy Lukas - Mason - Ali - Merrick - Taylor

                                        Well done!! You did your 80 minutes of Lexia again...a non-sweet treat is waiting for you in your desk     






    What's so great about this picture (besides Gwen)?! Yay! They did it! The students earned enough marbles to fill the jar! On Monday we will share lunch together (with a large bag of Doritos) and listen to 6 Minutes! Congrats everyone! Now to start filling again! 




    6 Minutes podcast ...everyone should be caught up to Episode 28. We will be doing book club meetings the next few days! Listen at https://app.kidslisten.org/pod/Six-Minutes  



    3/17/19 Congratulations to the following students who did all of their required Lexia minutes for last week! A treat has been put in your desks~ 

                               Lukas - Mason - Merrick - Taylor - Steven - Liam  

                                                      It's not a gummy bear....



    Parents/Guardians - please click on the assignment titled "Math Packet Place Value" for note regarding Math support needed in place value. Additional video support can be found at :

    Place Value- Math Antics

    Khan Academy- Place Value

    Khan Academy- Place Value Blocks

    Khan Academy - Mult/Div by 10


    Important: Parents/Guardians PLEASE make sure your student has headphones. We will be listening to books during this semester.


    Daily and weekly minutes : 

    • I-Ready 60 mins a week (in each reading and math) 

    • Lexia 80 mins every week

    • Reading 40 mins per day - can be combined with I-Ready minutes :)


    Name: Michele DiMarco 

    Grade: 5th grade ICT

    Room: 115



    Welcome Message: Hello- I am thrilled to be a part of Myers Corners 

    and look forward to collaborating with fellow teachers, parents and students. 





    The mission of the Wappingers Central School District is to empower all of our students with the competencies and confidence
    to challenge themselves, to pursue their passions, and to realize their potential while growing as
    responsible members of their community.