• Name: Jill Flanigan
    Grade: K thru 6
    Email: Jill.Flanigan@wcsdny.org
    Phone:(845) 897-6780
     Welcome Message: 


    5/28/2020        Hi Fishkill Frogs!

                            Our building may be closed, but we still have a lot going on in our school.


                            The elementary music teachers have put together a SING-A-LONG for you and your family.It will be shown on the district website tomorrow night, Friday May 29 at 7 pm.

                            If you can't join us tomorrow night, I believe it will be recorded and available on the district website.


                           Also, the chick hatch goes on!  Hopefully, we'll have some baby chicks next week!!!!

                           You can follow along and learn important facts on "CHICK CHECK-IN" in Google Classroom (code   ybueq56).

                           Avery King (Mrs. King's daughter), is guiding kids thru the development of the hatch. She is doing a GREAT job! You will learn alot.


                          You are doing a wonderful job with your lessons.


                          Bye for now.

                          Miss you!

                          J. Flanigan



    5/8/2020          Hi Fishkill Frogs!
                            Thank you SO much for all you've done to make Teacher Appreciation Week very special. You and your families are amazing !
                            Kids, I put something special in your lesson today to help you celebrate and appreciate your Mom, Grandmother, Aunt or any important woman in your life.
                            I shared "Love You Forever" from my collection of pieces on Youtube under Jilligan Flanigan.
                            If you read this with your Mom, keep a box of tissue and a hug handy!
                            Miss you!
    4/30/2020        Good Morning, Ukulele Club!
                           Tomorrow is supposed to be our meeting day. Of course that's not going to happen.
                           Instead, I'm going to try to set-up a "classroom" for anyone who wants to play ukulele.
                           During the day today, watch for an invite to join the classroom.
                           My list of club members is locked up in my classroom, so I'm working from pictures and my memory (OH NO!)
                           If I miss anybody, please let me know.
                           Miss you all!
    4/9/2020          Hi Fishkill Frogs!
                           I'm SO happy to see and hear your responses to "AllieDeeFarm" on Facebook and to 'Jilligan Flanigan' on Youtube (remember to ask your family first).
                           I'm especially enjoying the videos of you singing with me on Youtube.....you touch my heart.
                           I hope you are making music every day.
                           Notice how important music is these days to lift peoples' spirits. There are people singing and dancing in the streets.
                           Let me know what your favorite is by sending me an email.
                           Bye for now.
                           J Flanigan
     4/1/2020          Hi Fishkill Frogs!
                            I will be sharing a new lesson with you each Friday. I hope you will find them fun. They are meant to reinforce what you were learning in music class.
                            Eventually, each grade will have a different lesson, but for now we will work on practicing our favorite activities like Spotlights, Drums Alive and improving our 
                            musical skills.
                            I am trying to share your favorite songs and stories on my  youtube channel "Jilligan Flanigan"  (ask your parents first). I already added, "Rooty Toot Toot" and
                            the "Sign 'n Sing Alphabet".
                            If you have some other favorites that you would like me to add, just e-mail me at    [ Jill.Flanigan@wcsdny.org]         and I will do my best. 
                           Also, there's a lot going on at the farm these days. If you want to keep an eye on things, check out "AllieDeeFarm" on Facebook (ask your parents first).
                           I will be sure to check your emails between 11 and 12 each day if you have any questions or comments.
                           Bye for now,
                           J Flanigan
    3/25/2020             Soon I will be providing you with ways you can continue your grade level music activities at home.
                                 Until then, think about new or improved Spotlights that you can work on. Remember the Balloons hanging over the music room door.
                                 Maybe you could try to learn a Spotlight for each balloon?!?
                                 They include:
                                 Sing a Song
                                 Do a dance
                                 Play an instrument
                                 Tell a joke
                                 Do a skit or a puppet show
                                 Do a magic trick
                                 Do a musical show and tell
                                 Write and/or read a poem
                                 Practice, Practice, Practice and have fun!!!          
    3/19/2020             Happy 1st Day of Spring!
                                       Lots going on on the farm.
                                       You are invited to check out "AllieDeeFarm" on Facebook.
                                       I hope to show you what's happening on the farm monday thru friday. On Saturday and Sunday you can play a game I call "What's This". You can try to identify an
                                       antique utensil or tool.
                                       Maybe you'll get some ideas how you can explore your own environment for fun things to do.
     3/17/2020.                  Happy St. Patrick's Day !
                                      If we were in school today we would be celebrating with these songs. You can find them on utube with your families' permission.
                          "Follow the Rainbow", Sara Womack (lyrics) We usually add the signs and the key-note and chords.
                                       [Dm 4       C 4       Dm 4     C 2   Dm 2]                  If you can find these letters on any instrument you have at home, you should be able to play along.
                         Of course, we would be singing and signing to "The Unicorn Song" by The Irish Rovers, Lyrics.
                         Remember how we found the happy enging to "The Unicorn Song", also by the Irish Rovers. It's called " The Continuing Story of the Unicorn".
                         I haven't found the written lyrics of the new version. Maybe I'll work on that today.
                         Hope you learn a new song today, too!
                 3/16/2020                   Welcome to our new adventure in learning!!!!
               We have a wonderful opportunity to change our normal routine, and become independent learners.
                We can take this time to learn new songs to sing, play new songs on instruments we have at home,
                and read books about music, nature or ANYTHING WE WANT!
               I will use this web page as a way to communicate with you and you can talk to me by emailing me:
               My plan is to speak to you about music in general on this website.
               Everyday I will share "The Farm Report" at AllieDeeFarm on Facebook. This will include the spring happenings at 
               the farm. 
                I hope to use this time to learn new music and to be able to use technology to share it with you.
                Remember to sing a song, play a tune and read EVERYDAY!
                See you soon, FROGS .
                J. Flanigan