Elizabeth Carroll
    Special Education Teacher
    Earth Science
    (845) 298-5100 Ext.31047
    "Science is simply the word we use to describe a method of organizing our curiosity." ~ Tim Minchin
    “Science is everywhere; 
    Science is not something you can step around or sweep under the rug.”

    -Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson 

    Dear parents/guardians and students,

    Due to the closing of schools we have put together review work that is to be completed by students and handed in upon returning to school.  Students will be responsible for completing:

    1. Review packet
    2. Earth Science Reference Table lab
    3. Earth Science Reference Table

    If you do not have access to a printer we will accept answers on blank sheets of paper, in that instance please make sure that each page is labeled with the corresponding page and that all questions are number for your answers. We will be available to answer questions and to help students through email.  

    Make good choice, stay healthy and safe!


    Mr. McLaughlin and Mrs. Carroll