2018-19 Mrs. Rossi / Mrs. Cardoso ROOM 221 4th Grade 


    Please remember to check your child's folder nightly.



    ****Please remember, students can logon to iReady and work anytime. Time spent working on this program is very beneficial! 
    ***Homework Info***
    Thank you for all of your support at home, working with your child to complete his/her assignment!  I just want to remind you that I use the homework as an assessment. I am often looking at their writing for capitalization and punctuation, as well as the specific skill being practiced. As a parent myself, I understand wanting to clarify, give examples to help my child better understand an assignment, and checking for completion. However, I ask that you allow your child to produce written responses in their own words, and using their own interpretation. I do check/grade the written portions, so you will be able to review and discuss the errors with your child when the papers are returned on Mondays - which I strongly recommend doing!! This can be a very helpful and productive conversation with your child!! 
    Thank you again for all that you do at help to help your child do their very best!! 
    As we begin a new year, I will be pushing students to take more pride in the appearance of their work. A big part of students taking ownership of their learning and understanding the importance of the work we do, is to take pride in every assignment they produce. This should include appearance as well as content. To help your child with this, please remind them when doing schoolwork at home, 
    - no food on your papers!
    - no doodling on work to be handed in
    - use a PENCIL
    - write our heading at the top of each page (incls. Name, Date, Subject, Assignment)
    - USE THE MARGINS (don't write in the middle of the page in a big lump :))
    - Sentences begin with a capital and end with punctuation!!





    Any questions or concerns please email me at sandra.rossi@wcsdny.org