• Dear Students,

    Friday begins Remote Learning for our class.  This means that all contact between you and I will be online.  If the work requires extra explanation by me then I will make a video recording but usually most work should be fairly clear.  If you have a question I will be available to you via email every day.  I will be checking my email several times a day during the week so I will be able to address any questions you may have.  If you would like to meet with me "face to face" I am happy to make arrangements to do so via Google Hangout/Meet.  Please email me to set up a time (this is also true for Ms Fitzgibbons and Ms. Neckles). 

    As of today, April 1, if you are in Grade 11 we do not know if the State has cancelled Regents Exams yet, we will continue and do our best to prepare all students in case the State goes through with them.



    If you are in DCC the college has turned all of their classes into online classes so we at RCK are in the same boat as DCC.

    In terms of class and assignments, every week there will be a particular amount of work due.  The work will be due on Friday but no new work will be assigned on Fridays.  You can use Friday to finish up the work and enjoy a book outside.

    I would like to try and organize/invite you to several Google Hangout/Meet during the remainder of the school year. This means that you will receive an email inviting you to a Google Hangout/Meet on a particular day at a particular time.  I understand that not everyone may be available to meet during that designated time.  There will be several before the end of the year so my hope is to see all of you again before the end of June.

    Please do not hesitate to reach out anytime.  Please participate in our Google Classroom and post positive on topic comments in our feed.

    Please stay safe everyone!  I hope I have the chance to see all of you again soon.  Please keep learning and reading.  We need stories and connection now more than ever!

    Thank you,

    Mrs. LaRose

    Mrs. Valerie LaRose
    Roy C. Ketcham High School
    Phone Number: 845-298-5100 ext. 31058
    E-mail:  Valerie.larose@wcsdny.org 


    Google Classroom Codes by period:
    Period 2, 11 Regents with Fitzgibbons: zxewoph
    Period 4, DCC 102: u7s4rya
    Period 5, 11 Regents with Neckles: gkvebhr
    Period 7, DCC 102: rf43onl
    Period 8, 11 Regents: o7ifaj2

    Please join the classroom to see a calendar and all assignments.

    Thank you.