•  Dear Students, Parents and Guardians,

    We are in a unique place as we wind down to the end of the school year in quarantine. Please refer to all asssignements on Google Classroom. Navigate to "Classroom" for all updated assignments and due dates. All assignments must be submitted online by 6/19. Contact me immediately vie email at robert.wood@wcsdny.org if there are any questions, concerns, or need for personal communication.

    All of you are in my thoughts during this historic time. This will be a period we will remember for the rest of our lives. I understand this is a difficult time for you. Keep in mind we are not alone and we are navigating the best we can. Here is a great  produced by a student of one of my Art colleagues in Buffalo. A must see:


    Parents and Guardians: If you have not asked me by this point, you can request to be invited to the Google Classroom to monitor your child’s progress if you wish. For quick reference, you may also access the scheduled assignments her on the Assignments page of my Teacher website. No surprises; clear communication is a two-way street. Please be as active as possible with your child druign this time. It is extremely valuable.

    Please email me with any questions. My direct contact time will be from 10am -1pm Monday through Friday. Send images of progress frequently so I may provide important feedback. Judging from the anticipated amount of emails, it may take a day or two to respond. I will also be sending supporting videos and potentially setting up Google Meets for further assistance.

    Remember, keep moving forward. Work each day. Balance online and offline time: review, sketch, think, write, journal, connect with other students from your class, and do the best you can. Stay healthy!

    Remember, through the Arts, we can document, think, feel, express, communicate, console, and most importantly, heal.

    All the best,

    Mr. Wood



    Robert Wood

    Teacher In Charge
    Fine & Performing Arts
    Roy C. Ketcham High School
    NYSED Content Advisory Panel for Media Arts
    NYSED IAAP Media Arts Chair
    NYSED Learning Standards for the Arts, Media Arts Writing Chair
    NYSATA Curriculum Committee Co-Chair
    NYSATA Media Arts Chair
    NYSATA Past President


    Name: Robert Wood
    Subject: Secondary Fine Arts, RCK
    Email: robert.wood@wcsdny.org
    Course of instruction for 2019-2020:
    Studio in Art
    Photo II
    Photo III
    Media III
    Broadcast Arts
    Portfolio Development (PHOTO,MEDIA, TRADITIONAL)
    AP Art
    All information relative to work in progress is updated on a regular basis. Immediate questions can be emailed to the address above.