Mrs. Rutigliano - Mathematics


    Please be  PRESENT, POLITE, PATIENT, and PERSISTENT to the best of your ability.

    I expect students to follow all school policies and procedures: 

    Take Care of Yourself, Take Care of Each Other, Take Care of Our Home 


    Success is earned by: excellent attendance (class is better with you present!),  focused attention and class participation (we need your ideas!),  consistent effort (anything worth doing is worth doing well!),  and asking for help when needed! 


    Grades are important, but your personal growth, health and well-being is our ultimate goal.   

    50% of your grade is calculated from points earned through effort and class participation.

    Earning points include :

    • arriving to class on time,
    • phone & earbuds are being put away
    • being ready to circle up or warm up, 
    • paying attention & practicing classwork, listening, communicating,  

    The other 50% of your grade consists of:

    •  informal and formal assessments (corrections and adjustments are welcomed in order to learn from any mistakes).

    Student will collect evidence in two folders; an "in progress"  folder and a "completed" portfolio.  These will be kept in our classroom.



    Email: lisa.rutigliano@wcsdny.org