• College



    Youssef Abdelhady to Marist College

    Katelynn Albert to Norwich University

    Emily Alonzo to Siena College

    Sam Bell to SUNY Oneonta

    Jaylian Bernal to Dutchess Community College

    Mackenzie Boric to Marist College

    Courtney Bove to Penn State

    Rachel Bowman to Mount Saint Mary College

    Alexis Bracero to SUNY Oneonta

    Gabriella Capolupo to Dominican College

    Cara Carbone to Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

    Brendan Carroll to Wartburg College

    Brendan Cassidy to College of Mt. St. Vincent

    Danielle Cavaccini to University at Albany

    Edward Cekici, Jr to UC Berkeley

    Kayla Chacon to Western Connecticut State University

    Bella Chavarria to Seton Hall University

    Ryan Chiumento to Siena College

    Peter Cintron to University of New Haven

    Nazari Cooke to SUNY Geneseo

    Vincent Crianza to Dutchess Community College

    Deanna Daley to University of Rhode Island

    Samantha D'Amicantonio to Quinnipiac University

    JoJo D'Emidio to Dutchess Community College

    Kiyan Daneshvar to Princeton University

    Joseph Della Vecchia to Dutchess Community College

    Alex DeRise to SUNY Buffalo

    Ricky DeVizio to Quinnipiac University

    Vincent Du to Carnegie Mellon University

    Jordan Due to University at Albany

    Lexi Duryea to James Madison University

    Coleman Dusavage to Colorado School of Mines

    Allison Fantom to University of Delaware

    Morgan Farenga to United States Army

    Tabshir Forkan to Georgetown University

    Elijah Francis to Dutchess Community College

    Nytalya Frye to Mount Saint Mary College

    Jessica Gaetaniello to Mount Saint Mary College

    Keyla Galarza to Siena College

    Derek Garcia to Rochester Institute of Technology

    Ella Garner to Hartwick College

    Zachary Golden-Johnson to Dutchess Community College

    Daniel Goswick to SUNY Binghamton

    Jason Guzman to Dutchess Community College

    Emerald Hall to Binghamton University

    Devin Hallenbeck to United States Marine Corps

    Basma Hamed to New York University

    Isabel Harrington to the Culinary Institute of America

    Dennis Hartmann to University at Buffalo

    Michelle Hasbun to SUNY New Paltz

    Alissa Hayes to SUNY New Paltz

    Cassidy Jimenez to University at Buffalo

    Julia King to Dutchess Community College

    Nicole Klinger to SUNY Oswego

    Brianna Krasniqi to Dutchess Community College

    Dylan Kuttruf to Dutchess Community College

    Cameron Laird to Binghamton University

    Michael Layumas to the United States Army

    Giancarlo Liberti to the United States Army

    Hannah Light to Monroe College

    Joshua Lull to University at Buffalo

    Jonathan Malafronte to Dutchess Community College

    Jada Mann to Fashion Institute Technology

    Shea Mastrantuono to Dutchess Community College

    Kenneth Maurer to Dutchess Community College

    Kesekoseah Mauro to Cornell University

    Kayla McGrath to Mercy College

    Amanda McMahon to St. Bonaventure

    Megan McMahon to Duquesne University

    Victoria McMahon to University of Southern Maine

    Francesca Mendez to Dutchess Community College

    Ivelesse Mendez to Penn State University

    Alexis Merchan Bermeo to Dominican College

    Lucas Moody to Marymount Manhattan College

    Joseph Morgan to Army National Guard

    Kasey Morton to University at Albany

    Patrick Muller to the University at Buffalo

    Christopher Munoz Guzman to University at Buffalo

    Danielle Murianka to SUNY Orange

    Paul Murianka to SUNY Delhi

    Ethan Narod to University of South Carolina

    Gabriela Nunez to SUNY New Paltz

    Timothy Nunez to University at Buffalo

    Kieran O'Brien to Stevens Institute of Technology

    Fiyinfoluwa Odeniyi to University of Pittsburgh

    Alyssa Ortiz to University of the Arts

    Lexie Pan to Dominican College

    Anthony Pascucci to Culinary Institute of America

    Alicia Payne to Riverside City College

    Gianna Peterman to Dutchess Community College

    Nikoletta Petsas to Mount Saint Mary College

    Simon Rebecca to Binghamton University

    Deana Ridenhour to Binghamton University

    William Rizzo to the US Marine Corps

    Serenity Robinson to Howard University

    GianCarlo Rodriguez to SUNY New Paltz

    Kevin Rodriguez to Northeastern University

    Arianna Rostron to SUNY Cortland

    Jake Ruiz to the College of Saint Rose

    Jason Ruiz to University of Albany

    Chiara Salvati to Northeastern University

    Georgia Sampugnaro to Stony Brook University

    Alyssa Santinho to Dutchess Community College

    Sean Savidge to Binghamton University

    Thomas Schaff to Westchester Community College

    Reagan Scherer to SUNY Polytechnic Institute

    Catherine Schweiger to SUNY Fredonia

    Jhanai Scott to New York University

    Nicholas Seaman to SUNY Oneonta

    Syeda Shaham Moosvi to Pace University

    Andrew Shum to Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

    Victoria Sikov to RIT

    Matthias Silverstein to Dutchess Community College

    Alex Sinn to RIT

    Adam Smart to Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

    Alyssa Smith to Dutchess Community College

    Jeniece Smith to University at Albany

    Katherine Speed to SUNY Oswego

    Sandy Sreedhara to Binghamton University

    Catherine Stabe to Rutgers University

    Franchesca Stephens to Dutchess Community College

    Donovan Sullivan to SUNY Oneonta

    David Tecchio to University at Buffalo

    Lizbeth Tenesaca to Dutchess Community College

    Amouriana Thomison to Pace University

    Marcus Torres to Berkeley College

    Jacob Tullo to Binghamton University

    Indira Urbano to University at Albany

    Helena VanBenschoten to Old Dominion University

    Jomarlyn Vargas to University at Albany

    Christopher Variara to Dutchess Community College

    Justin Variara to Dutchess Community College

    Lukas Vera to Cornell University

    Catalina Vilato to Lehman College

    Jacob Vining to SUNY Oneonta

    Nicholas Volpe to the Universal Technical Institute

    Anvi Vora to St. John's University

    Emily Waldron to Dutchess Community College

    Gabrielle Whyte to University at Albany

    Annie Wolfe to Columbia Greene Community College

    Katie Wood to University at Albany

    Aidan Wright to University of Rhode Island

    Grace Wright to University of Albany

    Abigail Yereance to Siena College

    Nicolette Zippo to Pace University

    Ava Zorilo to Pace University