• Name--Lynda Murphy
    Email: Lynda.Murphy@wcsdny.org

    Welcome Message:

    I am very excited about this school year teaching 21st Century skills for and about business. These are uncertain times, but we will get through this together.  The following is my schedule:

    1st period:  Sports & Entertainment Law

    2nd period: Financial Math

    3rd period:  College & Career Planning

    4th period:  Sports & Entertainment Marketing

    7th period:  Sports & Entertainment Marketing

    8th period:  Sports & Entertainment Marketing


    Students need to join my Google Classroom--they received email with code.


    Please follow the distric calander.



    April 2, 2020

    I created Google Classrooms for each of my classes.  Please go to Google Classroom and join using the proper code.  

    I look forward to hearing from everyone.  

    "Change your thoughts and you can change your world."  ~Norman Vincent Peale

    Stay well--be safe,

    Mrs. Murphy


    March 31, 2020

    Dear Parents and Students:

    I hope that you are doing well and hope that you are making the best of the current situation due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  This is uncharted waters but we will get through these challenging times together.

    Since this is all new, know that I am flexible and may be changing my teaching strategies to fit all my students. I have been creating, collecting, and learning ways so that my students will benefit from our distance learning. We will get through this.

    Since we are coming from a very structured learning environment to an unknown, it is imperative that students create their own structure so that they can succeed. Parents, you may need to help them with this. Have them set goals each day with all their coursework looking at what deadlines they have and what needs to be done each day. My assignments will be posted on my site with a due date. Students can email me with questions to complete their assignments if they are unsure at Lynda.murphy@wcsdny.org. Parents, you as well can reach out to me anytime. I will respond within a 24-hour period, the latest.  I will be having office hours between 10:00 am and 11:00 am.

    I am a traveling teacher (not doing much traveling these days), between WJHS and JJHS. I teach Microsoft Office and College and Career Planning.

    • Microsoft Office students should spend time each day working in their typingclub.com account (let me know if they don’t know how to sign in) for a minimum of 15 minutes to continue their skills with their typing—typing is a skill that can only be improved with daily practice. I will be giving them assignments with a deadline that may include videos or just instruction.
    • C&CP students will be given either PowerPoints to view, projects, assignments, etc. This class is mostly project based so it is important to stay on task and complete within the deadline. Always ask questions if you need clarification on any assignment. I am here to help you get through this. It is your goal to stay on task. 

    Since my courses require the access to computers, internet, and Microsoft office, please let me know if your child does not have access so that I can notify my district so that they can make other arrangements.

    Yes, these times are different and we will all get through this. Everything is going to be OK! Stay positive, smile, hug your loved ones, and choose happy!

     Stay well--be safe,

    Lynda Murphy

    Business Education Teacher