• Name--Lynda Murphy
    Email: Lynda.Murphy@wcsdny.org

    Welcome Message:

    I am very excited about this school year teaching 21st Century skills for and about business. This year I will be traveling between four schools.  My day begins at WJHS, then to RCK for WBL, then OVAHS. I alternate on odd days at Orchard View and even days at John Jay as the Work-Based Learning (WBL) Coordinator for the district.  The following is my schedule:

    1st period:  Microsoft Office, WJHS--no homework in this course. 
    2nd period: Microsoft Office, WJHS--no homework in this course. 
    As listed on the calendar:  Business Co-op, RCK in room 212
    6th period:  Financial Math, OVAHS--no homework in this course.
    7th period:  Business Co-op, Odd days, OVAHS; Even days, JJ in the library.

    For the general calendar, please see the district website.