• Name: Kevin J. Sherman
    Department: Physical Education / Assistant Varsity Baseball Coach / American Heart Association Certified CPR Instructor
    Email: kevin.sherman@wcsdny.org
    Phone: 845-897-6700, Extension: 30045 John Jay
    Office: 115-B
    Education: (39th Year)
    Associate in Science: Columbia-Greene (1978)
    Bachelor of Science in Education: SUNY College at Cortland (1983)
    Master of Science in Education: SUNY College at Cortland (1988)
    Certified American Heart Association CPR Instructor (2002)
    Teacher Schedule (2019-2020 School Year):
    Odd Day Schedule (Days 1,3,5)          
    Period 1 (7:31-8:21)     Healthy Lifestyles                             
    Period 2 (8:26-9:12)     Healthy Lifestyles                   
    Period 3 (9:17-10:03)   PREP                                         
    Period 4 (10:08-10:54) Healthy Lifestyles                   
    Period 5 (10:59-11:45) Lifetime PE                    
    Period 6 (11:50-12:36) Lunch, PREP                    
    Period 7 (12:41-1:27)   Healthy Lifestyles                                        
    Period 8 (1:32-2:18)     Lifetime PE   

    Even Day Schedule (Days 2,4,6)

    Period 1 (7:31-8:21)     Lifetime PE
    Period 2 (8:26-9:12)     Healthy Lifestyles
    Period 3 (9:17-10:03)   PREP
    Period 4 (10:08-10:54) Lifetime PE
    Period 5 (10:59-11:45) Lifetime PE
    Period 6 (11:50-12:36) Lunch, PREP
    Period 7 (12:41-1:27)   Healthy Lifestyles
    Period 8 (1:32-2:18)     PREP
     Present Units of Study:
    Lifetime PE (P333): Marking Period 3-Table Tennis and Team Sports
    Healthy Lifestyles (P313): Marking Period 3-Muscular Strength and Endurance
    UPDATE (3.16.2020 @ 11:35 am): STUDENTS please refrain from doing any of the Google Classroom work at this time! The district has decided to use these days as part of our spring recess, therefor none of this work needs to be completed until further notice. We apologize for the confusion as we are being told different requirements as edicts come down from the state and county. Please continue to check for continued announcements and updates as time goes on.
    All Students should go to their respective Google Classroom account, as listed below, to access their assignment while on home instruction during the Corona Virus time period. All work should be submitted as completed, but no later than the end of the month (March 31st).
    Google Classroom Codes by Period:
    1 Odd, Healthy Lifestyles: uqx7vtj
    2 Odd, Healthy Lifestyles: gkachdj
    4 Odd, Healthy Lifestyles: laq2737
    5 Odd, Lifetime Phys. Ed.: r3bi3ey
    7 Odd, Healthy Lifestyles: t2nyk7d
    8 Odd, Lifetime Phys. Ed.: u2gt4eu
    1 Even, Lifetime Phys. Ed.: ytphf2a
    2 Even, Healthy Lifestyles: v542qgs
    4 Even, Lifetime Phys. Ed.: orulpzs
    5 Even, Lifetime Phys. Ed.: 26xpovn
    7 Even, Healthy Lifestyles: dtuviwc
    Click on the below link to access the Healthy Lifestyles Notebook:

    Weight Lifting