• Name: Kevin J. Sherman
    Department: Physical Education / Assistant Varsity Baseball Coach / American Heart Association Certified CPR Instructor
    Email: kevin.sherman@wcsdny.org      Phone: 845-897-6700, Extension: 30045     Office: 115-B
    2022-2023 School Year
    Education: (43rd Year)
    Associate in Science: Columbia-Greene (1978)
    Bachelor of Science in Education: SUNY College at Cortland (1983)
    Master of Science in Education: SUNY College at Cortland (1988)
    Certified American Heart Association CPR Instructor (Since 2002)
     Present Units of Study:
    Lifetime PE (P333): Marking Period 1-Ultimate Frisbee, Ultimate Football, Flag Football, Archery
    Healthy Lifestyles (P313): Marking Period 1-Health Related vs. Skill Related Fitness and Cardiovascular Fitness
    Google Classroom Codes by Period:
    2 Odd, Healthy Lifestyles: euy4bn5
    4 Odd, Healthy Lifestyles.: fgl3cuk
    6 Odd, Lifetime Phys. Ed.: 4dxarup
    7 Odd, Healthy Lifestyles: miyrwme
    8 Odd, Healthy Lifestyles.: f4zwaaz
    1 Even, Healthy Lifestyles: k4f45ue
    3 Even, Lifetime Phys. Ed.: jxejvfy
    4 Even, Healthy Lifestyles: slhj7b5
    6 Even, Lifetime Phys. Ed.: aake7e3
    7 Even, Healthy Lifestyles: 2wszplu
    8 Even, Lifetime Phys. Ed.: 4kqjb23
    Click on the below link to access the Healthy Lifestyles Notebook:

    Weight Lifting