Mrs. Kathie Mace

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    "Welcome back my friends to the Show that never ends!!
    We're so glad you could attend!! Come inside, come inside!!"
                                                                                                                Emerson, Lake and Palmer "Brain Salad Surgery"

    Welcome to 10th and 11th grade English! I am so looking forward to meeting each 
    you, and to working together to make this year an exciting adventure of learning and growth. Yes, I did say "adventure"! All of life is an adventure, and our class is but a small part of it! It is my hope that as we work together, you will come to view life the same, as an exciting adventure to be experienced and enjoyed.

    This is the page to which you will refer if you have questions about our coursework -- IN GENERAL. It provides links to a variety of important documents that outline course guidelines/expectations, class supply lists, and syllabi.  Additionally, these documents, as well as DAILY ASSIGNMENTS may be accessed through Google Classroom. 

    I am posting a list of necessary items each student will need to have IN CLASS every day. I will also be distributing this list in class on the first day. Please feel free to e-mail me if anything is unclear, or if you have questions.

    You can expect an increase in homework this year, specifically in writing - reflecting on yourself as a thinker, speaker, reader, writer, and PERSON! Within the first few days of classes, you will log into and begin to work on your own Google Site, which you will maintain and update weekly. This will be the place where you archive revise, and polish all of the writing we do, as well as a place for personal reflection. In class, we will be working on a number of comprehensive research projects, as well as quite a few Socratic Seminars, and  you will also have 
    the opportunity to do some acting as we study Shakespeare )and additional dramatic works)! I am looking forward to another year of excitement, learning, and personal growth. 

    Let me know if you have any concerns.  I am available through e-mail at
    any time, and I generally respond within hours!  LOVE technology (when it works!)
    Blessings -- and here's to a GREAT new year!  Huzzah!