• April 1, 2020

    April 1, 2020

    Hello parents (and students)!

    As far as AP Language and Composition is concerned, we are in great shape. We have covered all the skills from the course and were just about to head into review for the exam. 

    AP EXAM: The exam has been modified. All the information can be found on Collegeboard.com, but here’s a synopsis, with more information to come: It will be one 45-minute, online exam consisting of a free-response question. It will be offered on two different dates (unknown at this point), and students may choose their date. There will be no multiple choice.  

    CLASS WORK: When school closed, students were in the thick of their research paper project. Some have turned in outlines and I have provided voice feedback on Turnitin.com. If your child has not turned in an outline, that is something they should do when they are able. After they do that and listen to my voice feedback, they can begin to write their paper using the instructions I have provided on Google Classroom. We did cover most of this information in class, and I am also available to help and answer their questions now. Please be assured that this paper will not be due any time soon, so if your child is busy with other work it can wait. If they are looking for something to keep them busy, go for it!

    AP YOUTUBE REVIEW: CollegeBoard has its own AP youtube channel with review lessons for the exam. I have watched four of them and they are terrific! These review lessons will be the focus of classwork for the near future. I will ask students to watch them at their convenience and post questions or comments on my Google Classroom page. Here is the link:


    So to sum up, the research paper is a long-term assignment with a far-away due date; the youtube videos will be our current work. All my assignments will be posted on Google Classroom, which your child has used extensively all year.

    Please feel free to email me at cathleen.holbrook@wcsdny.org if you have questions. I miss my students and look forward to a very happy reunion at some point. In the meantime, please stay safe and be well.


    Cathleen Holbrook

    AP Language and Composition 

    March 2020

    This page has information you can also find on Google Classroom. 

    Please be aware that all my posts on Google Classroom will keep you up to date on what's happening for AP Lang.
    You should all now be aware that the exam IS happening, which is great news. It will be an online, 45-minute free response format. We teachers do not know if you will be assessed on argument or rhetorical analysis; the only thing we do know is that there will be no multiple choice and you are not being given enough time for  a synthesis essay.
    Be sure to watch the AP Lang review videos on youtube (link and details are on Google Classroom). I watched the first one yesterday and it was the Abigail Adams prompt that we did together in class! That was definitely REVIEW for you, but there was also some excellent information about the rhetorical situation. As I understand it, there will be 45 video lessons in all.
    Email: cathleen.holbrook@wcsdny.org