Dear Students, Parents & Guardians,

    I hope that you and your families are well. I will miss meeting all of you in the classroom, but we will make the best of our online experience:)

    We will be using Google Classroom, and if you check your classroom page by using the invite link below you will notice that I have already entered you into the site.
    The invite link for 2nd period ---- please email me
    The invite link for 3rd period is---Please email me
    The invite link for 7th period is--- Please email me

    Use of Google Classroom:

    • I will be posting assignments and videos along with questions.
    • I will provide live-synchronous lessons during each of our scheduled class time. It is important that you attend each class as I will be getting to know many of you.
    • Attendance will also be taken daily. In order to have a successful experience, I plan to continue many of the things that my students have found rewarding & beneficial.
    • During our asynchronous time, you will have some video lessons accompanied by an activity that you are expected to complete. The due dates will be arranged to give you enough time to complete them as you become acquainted with your schedule.
      Please use this time effectively to give yourself time to ask questions, seek help and complete the assignment so that you don’t fall behind.
    • Response to all assignments will be on the Classroom site. Each activity will be assessed and graded.
    • I will consider other platforms after I examine them and see if they may be used effectively for science.
    • Expectations for ALL LESSONS ARE:
      • Complete them to the best of your ability.
      • Submit them on time.
      • Write clearly and with complete sentences.
      • Always be polite and respectful. Remember we are a reflection of the larger world, and Peace and Kindness is much more powerful and goes much further.

    Office hours: I will be available from 12:00-2:30 to assist students that may have questions or concerns from previous lessons, and any questions that may arise during the morning hours.
    I will also be available intermittently by email or Google Classroom while I am prepping lessons and videos for the students.
    As always, please do not to hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.
    I will be missing the experience of meeting you all, but in the mean time we can do this, and be stronger in the end!

    Earth Science Students Check Out The Website Below for Additional Review

    Thank you for stopping by,

    Ms. Heffler  :)
    PS Science Rocks

    Room 253
    Contact Info:
    (845) 897-6700 ext 30036