Dear Students, Parents & Guardians,

    I hope that you and your families are well, and I look forward to meeting all of you:)
    I really look forward being in the building and working on lessons and activities in the classroom & at times we will be using Google Classroom. 
    In order to have a successful experience, I plan to continue many of the things that my students have found rewarding & beneficial.
    To succeed: 
    • Attend class regularly and on time.
    • Be cooperative (we are a commuity and will learn to work together).
    • Complete work on time. 
      • Yes, there will be HW, but it should not take any more than 10-20 mins. You will need to complete the assignment so you will be prepared for the next day's lesson or it may be a review of previous work.
    • If you have questions, Ask! I know some people are not comfortable asking questions in front of their peers, but learn to make a note of your questions, and be prepared to ask me as I circulate the room or after class.
    • Be neat & organized. 
    • Supplies you will need each day.
      • ESRT (Earth Science Reference Tables) I will supply.
      • A minimum of 3 colored pencils
      • 2 pencils
      • 2 pens (No red or pink. Yes, you may use purple, blue, black, green etc)
      • Notebook for science ONLY. Medium size 3 ring (1") binder. There will be handouts. You may use the 3 hole-punch or have at least 6 pockets.
    We will be using Google Classroom, and if you check your classroom page by using the invite link below you will notice that I have already entered you into the site.
    I am looking forward to the year!!!
    Contact info:
    897-6700 ext 30036
    Email: barbara.heffler@wcsdny.org