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      Regarding: Upcoming Schedule and Expectations

     April 2, 2010

    Dear Students, Parents & Guardians,

     I hope that you and your families are well.

    I am sure; you have received an email from the district stating that we are returning to our classes on Friday April 3rd. Of course, we are approaching an entirely new style of learning instead of attending the halls and classes of John Jay.

    As you know, our current situation requires us to do remote learning. I will be using Google Classroom, fortunately most of the students signed in this past February. However, if your child did not have the opportunity please remind them to do so. If they need the code, please email me. I will take a moment to address the expectations, as we enter this new territory. However, please keep in mind that these may change as we move forward.

    The 1st day April 3rd:

    • All students are expected to sign into their Google Classroom on Friday April 3rd. Please think of the learning expectations for the 1st few assignments to be similar to the start of the school year. “This will be considered “A break in period”.
    • I will be easing into our lessons. I will post a handful of questions and each student is expected to complete them. This will be our 1st graded assignment for our online learning forum.
    • Easing into our work permits us the opportunity to become acquainted with the format, work, and scheduling our time.
    • Please do not be nervous about the assignment it will purely give me some insight, not much different from the “Getting to Know You” assignment we had on the 1st day of school J (it seems like that was such a long time ago).

    Use of Google Classroom:

    • I will be posting assignments and videos along with questions.
    • Response to all assignments will be on the Classroom site.
    • I will consider other platforms after I examine them and see if they may be used effectively for science.

    Expectations for ALL LESSONS ARE:

    • Complete them to the best of your ability.
    • Submit them on time.
    • Write clearly and with complete sentences.
    • Always be polite and respectful. Remember we are a reflection of the larger world, and Peace and Kindness is much more powerful and goes much further.

    Office hours:

    • I will be available from 11-12. At that time, I will respond to emails that were sent the previous day, and any questions that may arise during the morning hours.
    • I will also be available intermittently during the normal school hours to post comments and questions on Google Classroom, create lessons and videos for the students.
    • During the school day, I will be answering questions on Google Classroom, creating lessons and videos for the students and intermediately checking my email.

      As always, please do not to hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns as we continue learning and growing with one another.

    Missing you all and looking forward to getting back to our “old school”, but in the mean time I wish you the best, and please be safe!

    Ms. Heffler

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    Ms. Heffler  :)

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