•      The WCSD has gone high tech with college applications!  We are part of a nationally used system, Naviance.
          Naviance is a computer program that will allow John Jay students to better plan for their life after high school.  It is designed as a four year tool for high school students and their families.  The program works with the Common Application and Docufide to provide online transcripts and student records directly from our high school to participating colleges and universities.

         This program is in its 2nd year here at JJ and was very successful last year with families and all staff that used it.  This program not only allows us to go green but saves the district greatly on postage while help us streamline the application process for our department and most importantly the students.
    Please remember that you have to do 4 things to complete the teacher information:
    1.  Please upload the Written Rec.
    2.  Please complete the Common App Form (check boxes)
    3.  Please e-mail or notify the counselor that you have completed the recommendation.
    4. Print and sign the letter and bring it to the Guidance department so that we may keep it in the student's permanent file.
    We ask that teachers consider using this service.  You may find an instructional sheet in the Guidance office to help guide you through it.  If you need assistance getting on or have questions please don't hesitate to ask.  Also each department has someone who did it last year and we trust that they will assist you.

    Students:  These are the Naviance Modules for your use:

    I.  Colleges
      • College Matching--Naviance has a number of features that help you find appropriate matches for your future.  The recommendations are based on your rank, grade point average, and the admissions data from last year's senior class.  You can also search by defining college criteria that match your interests.
      • College Applications--Naviance will allow the John Jay guidance office to work with you to process our applications, transcripts and letters of recommendation online for most 4 year colleges and universities.  This will help us serve you better through the application process.
      • Scholarships--At this time, many scholarships are already on the system.  As the year progresses, we will put all of our local scholarships on Naviance.
    II.  Careers
      • What are my interests? To take full advantage of the Career module, you should begin by taking the personality type, career interest inventory, and cluster finder.  Those tools will allow you to understand your strengths and interests.
      • Explore Careers---If you put in the work on the interests inventories, you will find this can help you understand potential career paths and how to prepare for those careers though college or trade school.  If you choose to explore careers, you will learn about training necessary and college or trade programs that provide this training.  There are videos about many careers and data on future job outlook and expected income.
    III.  About Me

      • About me provides a summary about your completed interest inventories.  It also will help you create a resume.  If you need to change your e-mail or personal information, click on the appropriate tab in the Official Things area.