•             Welcome to Hybrid School:)        welcome back
    The adventure continues...
    Wash your hands and practice social distancing:)

    Directions for joining your Big Ideas Math Classroom:   

    1.  Go to bigideasmath.com 

    2.  Click "New to Big Ideas Math" 

    3.  Enter the appropriate access code for your period 

    4.  Set up your account. 


    Access codes -  Period 2:  24PH-GRBX-B8KG   

                              Period 3:  R2JG-7NY8-GHBP   

                              Period 6:  3XD5-B78A-5ANS 

                              Period 9:  7BEZ-EJR7-25YJ 


    Please check out my "Puzzle of the Week" as well:)

    Be safe! 

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    Phone:  298-5200 ext 21134

      * Feel free to contact me at anytime:)  I would love to hear from you!