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    Mrs. LaRose

    Roy C. Ketcham

    English 11 Regents


    What you need to know to be successful this year


    Requirements for this course

    ·        English only notebook – this may sometimes be collected for a grade

    ·        English ONLY folder – you are required to hold onto all handouts and returned assignments in order to keep track of your grade

    ·        Bring all materials to class every day – the book we are reading, your binder, homework, and a pen or pencil.  It is necessary to be prepared in order to actively participate in class every day.

    ·        Attendance.  Being in class is important in all subjects.  This is especially true in English; most of what goes on in class cannot be duplicated.  Eleventh grade is a pivotal time.  You must be responsible for your learning.  If you are absent you must get the class notes from someone else.  If you miss a quiz or test you must make it up within three days of returning to school.  If you are absent for an extended period of time we will make special arrangements.  If you are absent when a paper/project is due you must hand it in the day you return to class.  See the Late Work Policy if you have further questions.

    ·        Follow all school rules.  Everyone in my class is entitled to a safe and encouraging learning environment.  Therefore, I expect for everyone to be polite and respectful to one another.  If not, I will give you a warning, followed by a phone call home and an afterschool detention followed by a referral.


    Late Work Policy

    For major assignments 5 points will de deducted for every day it is late.  Homework will not be accepted late as we will be using it in class the next day.



    I keep and update a web page online with a listing of class assignments, upcoming projects, tests and due dates.  You can access this through www.wappingersschools.org.  Follow the links for: Schools, Roy C. Ketcham, and Teachers, then click on my name to keep up to date with my class.


    Grading Policy

    Tests and Quizzes 30%                                                                     Essays and Projects 30%

    Classwork and Participation 25%                                                   Homework 15%

    As much as this is my class it is YOUR class.  As such your participation especially in discussion is required.  Believe me class is much better when you have positive on-topic comments to contribute.  If it’s just me up here talking class will get really boring really fast.

    Regents Exam

    The Regents Exam consists of three parts:

    ·        Part one: three reading comprehension passages, usually fiction, a poem, and non-fiction with a total of 24 multiple choice questions.

    ·        Part two: Argument writing, read four articles and write an argument essay in favor of a particular side of the argument.

    ·        Part three: Read a passage, it could either be fiction or non-fiction and write two to three paragraphs addressing the central idea of the text as well as identifying a literary device or technique and explain how and why the author may use that to discuss that particular topic.



    Final Exam

    Your Regents Exam counts as your Final Exam for this class.


    Contact Information

    If it is necessary to contact me you may do so through the Ketcham English Office.  The number is 298-5100 ext. 31058.  You may also e-mail me at: Valerie.larose@wappingersschools.org.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.


    If you are in a team class and wish to contact Ms. Fitzgibbons or Mrs. Neckles, their number is 298-5100 ext. 31047.