• A community volunteer group is offering free math tutoring and homework

    assistance to students in Grades 7-12. The sessions are from 7:00 pm
    to 8:00 pm on Wednesdays at Van Wyck JHS.
    Students attending these sessions are expected to bring their homework
    and or test questions. The students gets help on a first come, first serve basis,
    and every effort is made to help all
    students who attends a session.  
    Students do not need to register for a particular session but needs
    to bring a signed permission slip to the first session they attend which can be
    obtained from the schools website.  Parents need to provide or arrange
    for their student’s transportation to and from each session. If parents
    choose, they can wait or arrange with their child to return at a fixed time. 
    **Sessions will  begin on October 16th.
    *Please note: If school is closed or activities cancelled due to weather, the help session is automatically cancelled.