Outline of topics covered in Global 9
    We are a global community
    I.                  Introduction to the “Pre-Civilization” World

    a.       Map Reading Skills

    b.      The Continents and Oceans

    c.       Reconstructing the Past (

    d.      Paleolithic and Neolithic People

    II.                 First Civilizations

    a.       Characteristics of Civilization

    b.      Egypt

    c.       Mesopotamia

    d.      India

    e.       China

    III.               Belief Systems

    a.       Development of organized belief systems

    b.      Polytheism

    c.       Monotheism

    IV.              Mediterranean Civilizations

    a.       Ancient Greece

    b.      Ancient Rome

    c.       The Muslim World

    V.                 Kingdoms of the Americas and Africa

    a.       Meso-America

    b.      Incan Civilization

    c.       African Geography and Culture

    d.      Kingdoms and Trade Routes

    VI.              Empires of East Asia

    a.       China

    b.      Korea

    c.       Japan

    d.      Southeast Asia

    VII.            Middle Ages of Europe

    a.       Western Europe

    b.      Eastern Europe

    c.       Religion and Conflict

    d.      Advancements

    e.       Crisis in the Middle Ages

    VIII.         The Rise of Modern Europe

    a.       The Renaissance and Reformation

    b.      European Colonization

    c.       Age of Absolutism

    d.      The Enlightenment

    e.       The French Revolution