Computer Programming

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     9-11 video link  view
    Download Instructions for Visual Studio (if you wish to download it on your home computer) view
    Running Visual Studio view
    Creating a new project:  http://youtu.be/PjW4_RPgAmY
    Exploring VisualBasic view
    *************** Unit 1 ************************
    Read Chapter 3 in the textbook
    Project 1: My High School
             Buttons and labels: click for assignment 
             Grading Matrix: click to view 
             Trouble shooting notes: click to view
    Project 2: Addition
               Variables, textbox, focus() view
    Project 3: State Capitals
             Radio buttons, group box and reset button: click for assignment
             Trouble shooting notes:  click to view
    Project 4: Rock Paper Scissors view
    Trouble shooting notes:  click to view

    Project 3: College Logos
              Picture box,images, WITH statement:view 
              Troubleshooting notes: click to view 
              Click to access logo files: Click to view/download logos

    Project 6: Black Jack view
    Project 7: Loops view
    Project 8: Loops continued (factorial and fibonacci) view
    FizzBuzz view
    Project 9: Strings view
    Project 9A: Strings part 2 - view
    Project 10: Arrays view
    Project 11: Working with Arrays view
    Two-Dimensional Array view
    Magic Square Assignment view
    Magic Squares: view
    Mine Sweeper: view
    Project 12: Bubble Sort view  Part 2 view
    Functions view
    Intro to graphics and Timers view