Dear Parents and Students:
    Benvenutti alla classe d'Italiano!
    Welcome to Italian class and to John Jay High School.  During the academic year we will be working with the following topics in Italian:
    • Informazioni personali/Le date, i giorni e i mesi
    • In classe/L'università/Le attività a scuola
    • La descrizione delle persone/L'abbigliamento/Le attività preferite
    • Le attività di tutti i giorni/I pasti e il cibo/Le stagioni el il tempo
    • La famiglia e i parenti/Le feste in famiglia/Le faccende di casa
    • Le stanze e i mobili/L'arredamento della casa/Le attività in casa
    • Le attività del tempo libero/Le attività sportive/I programmi per il tempo libero

    Students have already encountered these topics in Junior high school and have a certain familiar with them.  This year, however, we will expand and explore these themes in greater depth.  Special emphasis will be placed on more complex grammatical structure that will lead to an increased ability to communicated competently in Italian.
    We will also enrich and enhance our knowledge of vocabulary, unique linguistic expressions and cultural mannerisms.  Listening and speaking will be the most important part of each class session, as well as relevant readings and individualized writing assignments.
    Text and materials:
      Students will be using the Percosi (Second Edition).  The first seven chapters will be covered during this academic year.  I also recommend the purchase of a basic, inexpensive bilingual dictionary for more in-depth reference.  Supplemental materials will be handed out to enhance the topics.  It is therefore, of utmost importance that students should have a three ring binder with four sections:  A) Classwork, B) Homework, C) Vocabulary, and D) Handouts.
     Student Conduct and Responsibility
    Students are expected to be on time and prepared for class.  Please be respectful of school property and class materials.  Please treat everyone with consideration and respect.
    Evaluation:  Grading will be based upon the following:
    • Oral Exams
    • Written quizzes
    • Class participation
    • Notebook checks
    • Topic tests
    • Compositions
    • Informal presentations. 
    Students will be informed well in advance of the date and the worth of any test or quiz in order to successfully perform on the above.  If a student receives less than 65% on a 100 exam, or if a student receives less than 33% on a 50-point exam, the paper must be signed by a parent/guardian.
    Homework will be assigned on a daily basis and should be done in the homework section of the notebook.  It will be checked the following day.  Missed assignments must be made up after absences.  Sufficient time and help will be provided if necessary.
    Please feel free to contact me at any time if you have any questions or confers.
    Spero che abbiate un buon anno qui a JOHN JAY!