•  Welcome to Band!

    You are all handling our new learning situation well!! 

    Make sure you schedule time to practice each day.  It will make learning an instrument SO much EASIER!!

    We will be using Google Classroom for almost everything. See you there!!



    "Standard of Excellence, book 1" (euphonium:  B.C. version)
    Folding music stand for home practice
    Extra reeds and cork grease (clarinet, saxophone, oboe students)
    Swab (flute, oboe, clarinet, saxophone)
    Wash cloth (trumpet, Fr Horn, trombone, euphonium)
    Valve oil (trumpet, euphonium, Fr Horn)
    Slide grease or oil (trombone)
     A brief video on playing a musical instrument and brain function:

    The study of a musical instrument is a wonderful gift that requires time, practice, patience,
    and encouragement. (and then more practice....)      

    Together we can make this a positive, lasting, musical experience for your child.

    Please understand, your child's success on a musical instrument is directly linked to practicing the skills learned during lessons.  Your child will need to reinforce these skills at home on a daily basis.  Although the beginning stages may be challenging, continued practice leads to success.
    Ways to help at home:
    Be encouraging
    Be supportive 
    Assist in scheduling home practice time 
    Be sure your child has the supplies needed