• What is a School Psychologist?

    School Psychology is a field that applies principles of clinical psychology 
    and educational psychology to the diagnosis and treatment of children's and 
    adolescents' behavioral and learning problems. School psychologists are 
    educated in psychology, education, child and adolescent development, child 
    and adolescent psychopathology, learning theories, family and parenting 
    practices, and personality theories. They are knowledgeable about effective 
    instruction and effective schools. They are trained to carry out 
    psychological and psychoeducational assessment, psychotherapy, and 
    consultation, and in the ethical, legal and administrative codes of their 

    What do School Psychologists do?

    School psychologists work to find the best solution for each student and 
    situation; they use different strategies to address student needs and to 
    improve school and district-wide support systems.
    School psychologists work with students individually and in groups. They 
    also develop programs to train teachers and parents about effective teaching 
    and learning strategies, techniques to manage behavior at home and in the 
    classroom, working with students with disabilities or with special talents, 
    addressing abuse of drugs and other substances, and preventing and managing 
    Adapted from the National Association of School Psychologists website