• Supply List and Calculator Information
    Here are the supplies you will need throughout the school
     year. Please make sure you have them at all times.
    - Pens and or pencils (doesn't matter). We provide packets for each unit, that contain the guided notes, examples, and homework 
    for each unit.
    -CALCULATOR:  We use graphing calculators for Algebra. We have a set of them in the classroom, for use during the class.
    We ask the students to put a free app on their phone, that is a working graphing calculator- this is to use at home.
    Graphing calculator app for smartphones:  calculate84
    Hand held graphing calculators, if you choose to buy one (it is not necessary to buy one!)
    •  TI 83 Plus or TI 84 Plus
    •  Please do not buy a TI-89, as the state does not allow this model to be used on Regents Exams