• Supply List and Calculator Information
    Here are the supplies you will need throughout the school
     year. Please make sure you have them at all times.
    - Pens and or pencils (doesn't matter)
    - Three ring binder for notes had handouts
    - Looseleaf paper for the binder
    - A few dividers to separate sections in your binders: notes, homework, reference
    -CALCULATOR: all students should have a scientific calculator (it should be able to do fractions, probability, and trigonometry.)
               Honors students especially may want a graphing calculator. We do have classroom sets of the graphing calculators, and I will have these in class when I am teaching you how to use them. They will also be provided for the regents exam in June. But if you have your own, you will have it at home for homework. The classroom ones can not go home with the students.
    Good scientific calculators to have: 
    • TI-30XIIS or  TI-34II
    Graphing calculator app for smartphones:  calculate84
    Hand held graphing calculators, if you choose to buy one:
    •  TI 83 Plus or TI 84 Plus
    •  Please do not buy a TI-89, as the state does not allow this model to be used on Regents Exams