• This homework page is for 7th grade students at Van Wyck Jr. HS and Wappingers Jr. HS.  Unless otherwise noted (by period) all students in all 4 of my 7th grade sections, have the same homework. And unless otherwise noted, all homework is due the next school day.

    Sept. 28: Complete internal and external conflict homework practice worksheet.
    Sept. 30: Read your independent reading novel. Get your log signed twice. How much you read is up to you.
    Oct. 3: Period 1: Complete adjective worksheet
    Period 2, 4, & 5: Complete the summary of "Fish Cheeks" using your flow map
    Oct. 4: Bring independent reading book to class tomorrow.
    Oct. 5: Sequence of Events multiple choice question worksheet due tomorrow.
    Oct. 6: Complete the conflict chart for your independent reading book and write down two conflicts from your book/

    Oct. 7: Read your independent reading book. Get your log signed once. If you finished the book, work on your project, record that in your log, and get your log signed.

    Oct. 11: Bring your IR (Independent Reading) book to class.

    Oct. 12: Finish your IR Descriptive Writing handout if you didn't finish it in class. It will be collected and graded.

    Oct. 13: Complete Descriptive Writing: Homework Practice handout.

    Oct. 14: Study for Monday's Literary Terms and Reading Skills test.

    Oct. 17: None

    Oct. 18: Write a list of 5 topics you'd like to write about for the narrative essay. 

    Oct. 19: Bring IR book to class. If you finished your book, bring it and your project assignment sheet.

    Oct. 20: None

    Oct. 21: Complete flow map. Reminder - IR project due Wednesday!  

    Nov 1: Find 5 sentences that tell rather than show the reader and rewrite them to make them more descriptive.

    Nov. 2: Bring your completed rough draft to class tomorrow.

    Nov. 3: Complete second draft. Bring to class tomorrow.

    Nov. 4: Make suggested changes from peer editing activity. If you did not participate in peer editing activity because you did not bring your second draft to class, please have a parent or relative respond to the peer editing questions that were handed out in class.

    Nov. 7: Periods 1&2 - Final draft of essay due Wednesday. Directions were given in class, but can also be located on the Class Documents page. Periods 4&5 - Final draft of essay will be completed in school on Wednesday (period 4) and Thursday (period 5). Please make sure you have your second draft ready on your assigned day.