Rubric For Participation In Physical Education Activities




    Expectation                                4                           3                                  2                                      1



    Dressed                             consistently                dressed                 Not dressed but                Not dressed                                                 

    and Prepared                      dressed                    appropriately           completed written        did not complete written          

    Students are expected                                                                            work with effort                     work            

     to dress appropriately

     for P.E. Class




    Responsible Learner         Participates         Participates with          Participates with           Participates with

    Students are expected         with a high           enthusiasm                  little enthusiasm           no enthusiasm

    to show a positive                level of                and shows good           and shows a low          and no effort

    attitude,work construc-        enthusiasm         effort                             level of effort

    tively with others                  and shows

    toward a common goal,       outstanding

    and appreciate the               effort

    activities in which they

    are engaged.




    Sportsmanship and          Demonstrates        Demonstrates             Demonstrates              Demonstrates

     Safety                                an exceptional       a high level of            a moderate level            a low level

    Students are expected        level of personal    personal and             of personal and             of personal and

     to safely participate            and social              social behavior,         social behavior,             social behavior,

     in group activities, show     behavior, sports-    sportsmanship,         sportsmanship,              sportsmanship,

    respect for themselves        manship, follow-    following direc-          following direc-               following direc-

    and others, and follow         ing directions         tions and rules,         tions and rules,              tions and rules,

     rules and directions.           and rules, with       with a high                with a moderate            with a low regard

                                                a high regard         regard for                 regard for safety              for safety                                             

                                                for safety                safety.