• Teacher

    NAME: Mrs. Horton       SCHOOL: FISHKILL PLAINS   CLASS: 6th Grade Team     6th Grade  READING

     About MY MISSION and myself.....
    *** I am looking forward to working with the incoming sixth grade students, and molding them into respectful, 
    hardworking, and kind adolescents. My goal is to instill a love for reading and writing in my students.
    I have a passion for teaching and interacting with my "unique" 6TH graders!
    *** In addition,  I have two, young children, Henry and Audrey, and I'm happily married.
    I grew up playing soccer, so I love to watch the English Premier League (while grading homework),
    and any major soccer event. I also root for the NY Rangers, since my husband is an avid hockey fan.

    ***Lastly, I'm excited to get to know my students as individuals this upcoming school year! You'll be pushed
    in my classroom, and I have high expectations. However, with hard work and discipline, you'll be amazed at
    the growth you make over the course of the year. And that's what life is about; growing as an individual!
    It will be a wonderful year filled with fun memories and new friends; a year that you'll always remember!