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Current Assignments

There are no current assignments.

Past Due Assignments

  • Syllabus 

    Course Syllabus

    Van Wyck Junior High School 

    Social Studies 8 Self Contained

    Fall of 2021- 2022

    Instructor Information

    Instructor: Kelly Barry

    Room Location: 206

    E-mail: kelly.barry@wcsdny.org 

    Extra Help Time: By request. 

    Course Identification

    Course Number: Y857

    Course Name: Grade 8 United States and New York State History  

    Course Location: 206

    Prerequisites: Prerequisite:  Completion of Grade 7 Social Studies


    Course Description/Overview

    Areas of Study Include: 

    • Reunion and Reconstruction after the Civil War 
    • The U.S. becomes an Industrial Society 
    • The expansion of the U.S. as an Independent Nation in an Increasingly Interdependent World; World War I 
    • The U.S. Between the Wars 
    • The U.S. Assumes Worldwide Responsibilities; World War II 
    • The Changing Nature of the American People from World War II to the Present; Prosperity, Optimism, the Cold War 

    Course Website(s)



    Required Course Text

    • Supplied in class

    Course Supplies

    • Supplies to be shared with ELA: 
    • Loose-leaf binder with loose leaf and five dividers
    • Spiral notebook if you prefer
    • Colored pens for annotating, sharpened pencils
    • Post-its (flags, 2 inch and 3x3)
    • Marble composition book
    • Highlighters
    • Earbuds for use in a Chromebook

    Course Learning Objectives

    In Grades 7 and 8, students will examine the United States and New York State through a historical lens. The two-year sequence is arranged chronologically, beginning with the settlement of North America by Native Americans∗ and ending with an examination of the United States in the 21st century. Although the courses emphasize the skill of chronological reasoning and causation, the courses also integrate the skills and content from geography, politics, economy, and culture into the study of history.


    As outlined by the New York State Social Studies Framework, Grade 8 Social Studies is arranged chronologically, beginning with Reconstruction and ending at the present, and incorporates geography as well as economic, social and political trends. The course content is divided into nine Key Ideas; the first seven trace the human experience in the United States from Reconstruction to the end of World War II.  The last three Key Ideas examine different themes in United States and New York State history from the post-War period up to the present day, which provides the opportunity to explore contemporary issues.

    Grade 8: Social Studies Practices 

    1. Gathering, Interpreting and Using Evidence 
    2. Chronological Reasoning 
    3. Comparison and Contextualization 
    4. Geographic Reasoning 
    5. Economic and Economic Systems 
    6. Civic Participation 


    Student outcomes for the social studies curriculum can be found at: 



    Grading Policy

    Grades will be based on the following: 

    Projects/ Long Term Assignments 30%

    Tests/ Quizzes             20%

    Classwork 20%

    Homework 15%

    Participation 15%

    Course Policies:

    1. Be on time for class.
    2. Be prepared for class. This includes having materials to participate,

                   including writing materials, notebook and homework, as well as      

                   being ready to learn.

    1. If you are absent from class. It is your responsibility to get the

                   work you missed and make it up in a timely manner.

    1. ALL graded work must be signed by a parent or guardian for a

                   homework grade. 


    The following is a list of possible videos which may be shown during the year. Your signature is granting permission for viewing.

    1. Various collections of History Channel and A&E documentaries
    2. The Century, America’s Time (ABC NEWS)
    3. Newsies
    4. All Quiet on the Western Front 
    5. The Lost Battalion
    6. Cinderella Man
    7. Swing Kids
    8. Hidden in Silence
    9. Escape from Sobibor
    10. Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman
    11. Forrest Gump
    12. America, Story of Us
    13. The President’s Collection - History Channel



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    Parent Signature: _______________________________________________

    Date: __________

    Parent Comments: ______________________________________________________