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    Please read the weekly news letter which is sent home every Friday for important
    information and upcoming events.  You will also find out what your child has
    been working on in kindergarten!
    September Reminders.....
    As we begin an exciting adventure together, I wanted to share some important 
    reminders with you:
    Snack - please have your child bring one healthy snack to school daily.  Children
    are allowed to bring water bottles to school with them (no juice) to leave in their 
    cubby throughout the day. Please place them in a small plastic bag or put an old 
    sock around the bottom of the bottle to avoid leakage.
    Backpacks - please choose a moderate size backpack (no wheels) for your child that is easy 
    for them to manage on their own.  The only item that needs to remain in your
    child's backpack at all times is their folder. 
    Folders - please be sure to check AND EMPTY your child's folder each night.  
    This folder will also act as means of communication for us as well.  Please 
    place any important notes, etc. in your child's folder that need to get to
    school and your child will give them to me upon his/her arrival.